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Sign up for a Ubifone Basic Membership Account and start making free calls Internet mobile VoIP calls. It is that easy. With a Basic Membership Account you will get unlimited, worldwide IP to IP calling and faxing as well as a long list of standard features that most phone companies would charge extra for. The revolution is here. You can now make unlimited IP to IP phone calls to anywhere in the world at no charge! All you need is a broadband Internet access - wired or wireless.

Ubifone has a wide variety of American numbers and US numbers for its reduced rate Internet telephone calls. Use Ubifone's 2Speak, 4Free, MLM and MLM Opportunity to earn real money in a short period time. The Ubifone MLM opportunity is available worldwide. A true and proven Business Opportunity offering Super Deals and Benefits for Ubifones Internet Telecom mobile products and services.

Earn more cash in an honest, respected and easy multi level marketing system than you could ever dream of. Earn money from your Website today and gain financial independence working within the Internet business. An excellent Business Deal focusing on Broadband Phone calls which will save up 50% on your and your client's Cellular and Internet Telephony.

Ubifone is providing this exciting business opportunity today to a limited number of global sales agents. Earn residual income now from your own home business. Work at home with Chamadas, Call back via SMS and SMS Chamadas via PC. Chamadas via GPRS Chamadas via WEB Chamadas via Web Chamadas via Desktop.

With Ubifone, you can use Ubifone's technology to to make free calls Internet using both fixed landline and mobile phone calls to ordinary phone numbers all over the world. Ubifone is a real phone number your friends and family can call. You pick up the call in Ubifone. Ubifone Voicemail lets you direct calls when you're busy or offline to your voicemail.

Ubifone provides the lowest rates to USA, Canada, India, Israel, Turkey, Asia, Europe, UK, Australia and South Africa. There is no connection charges or hidden fees. Call over 250 countries worldwide. Use Ubifone Toll free access number today!

Ubifone is committed to dealing with our free Internet telephone Customers and our Independent Network Sales Agents with honesty and integrity, with righteousness and goodness, and to do all things with love, kindness, compassion and understanding.

We will always strive to do the right thing, and to live by the Golden Rule. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, if you were standing in their place? Our Mission We have embarked on a profound journey to change the way mankind communicates.

By initializing our One World - One Community - One Number concept, we are the first company in the world to introduce **UBI Global Numbers **Universal Business Interactive Global Numbers This means no more outrageous International Global Roaming Charges, because now you need only One Number, and your contacts, simply by dialing that One Number, can reach you on any telephone device, in any country, at any area code or telephone number, no matter where you travel throughout the world!

UBIFONE offers many other money saving services, and our mission is to continue to capitalize from the ongoing deregulation of the communications industry, so that our company's Independent Agents, can focus on introducing our innovative solutions to the International Market Place. Using the latest technologies, coupled with the buying power of our rapidly growing family, we will always strive to deliver reliable communication services, along with superior voice quality and genuine customer savings.

We are also committed to provide a truly unparalleled, multi-lingual International Business Opportunity?. Including a sustainable seamless compensation plan, which allows our UBIFONE Independent Agents to have their own home based business, with the freedom to build their independent sales force into many countries around the world. All this, plus saving money by using our state of the art, high tech communication services, while making a profit when selling those services to others.

Our Vision

Ours is a vision of building a company based on the rock solid foundations of:

1.) Reliability: * Quality services that work will be consumed and then re-ordered.

2.) Profitability: * Customers that save money Independent Agents that earn money.

3.) Sustainability: * Properly managed, properly capitalized, built to last. = UBIFONE By anticipating and identifying communication needs, and by using cutting edge technology, UBIFONE can continue to develop world-class global solutions for our loyal Customers and Agents worldwide.

Ubifone is already engineering new ways to communicate more effectively, more reliably, at even lower more competitive rates.

We will lead, not follow! We will boldly go, where others have not!

We see UBIFONE as a younger, faster, smarter, and stronger Communications Services Company, for today, tomorrow, and the future. A different kind of Direct Marketing Company, with our family of highly motivated, professionally trained, team oriented, Independent Network Sales Agents positioned around the world.


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